Follow that Cupcake!

I am ashamed to admit.. Me and Valerie tend to stalk this truck. If you have twitter.. you to can to! Follow them and obsess over their creations! They just opened a store in the Limelight Marketplace. I love their red velvet cupcakes & they are always very festive too. You should see their Yankee world series & holiday masterpieces. I know it is so indulgent.. Just do it. It's the cool thing to do:) CUPCAKE STOP
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Living Social.. That's me!


This site is so awesome. I love finding my daily deals.. It's like a present in my mailbox EVERY DAY! Lucky me:) I have purchased my Awesome 80's Prom tickets through them for 1/2 price and getting pictures with screech is priceless.

After the prom, I used another one of my living social deals and got cupcakes from Butter Lane. Featured on the food network, using all natural ingredients.. I got six cupcakes for $8.00 and had a voucher to redeem within a year. You should have seen that walk of shame.. I looked like I had stepped out of "the hot tub time machine" walking the streets of the village, shoving my face with yummy deliciousness. So people, sign up, cash in.. you won't regret it:)
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Hmmm.. This is rather morbid!

Why would anyone want to do this??? Take the Ride of Your Life in a Hearse.
Step inside New York’s most unique tour vehicle and take an intimate journey to the sites where famous New Yorker’s have died and famous New York City deaths have taken place.
The Most Bizarre Tour ever
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The Thrillest...

I don't know why I love this but I do.. Hmm. I am getting to old for my time I think. There is just something so interesting about Old meets new. Check it out!The Thrillest
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My Wedding is featured on a blog!!!!

I love this site. My dress is currently listed. It's a fantastic way to get a designer gown for a discount! Check it out!
Today we were the featured couple. They loved the topiary handing out our programs!!
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