Newlyweds~ It's all fun and Games!

So. Although we were only married for 6 months at the time (They post 18 months Huh?) We had a great time losing the Newlywed Game Show. We did win a great food processor:) Love the banter between us, and if you think I am doing weird things with my mouth~ You are right! They put some elmer's glue lip gloss on me as I walked on stage. I couldn't swallow, I could barely open my mouth. But it's a once in a lifetime memory, an embarrassing one at that!

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Princess~ My soulmate!

I have to make this short because the pain is still there and the wounds are so raw. On Dec 19th 2010, I had to say goodbye to the most amazing animal I ever shared my life with. I did the right thing without question, in my arms putting her out of her pain. She literally fell asleep in my arms. Peaceful. I never had a family I could identify with, many things changed through the course of my adult life but one thing was constant~ Her presence and unconditional love in my life!~ I shed tears as I type this and My mama bear I hope to meet again in the next life. I love you!

May I go now?

Do you think the time is right?May I say goodbye to pain filled days...and endless lonely nights?I've lived my life and done my best,an example tried to be.So can I take that step beyondand set my spirit free?I didn't want to go at first,I fought with all my might.But something seems to draw me nowto a warm and loving light.I want to go. I really do. It's difficult to stay.But I will try as best I canto live just one more day.To give you time to care for meand share your love and fears.I know you're sad and afraid,because I see your tears.I'll not be far, I promise that,and hope you'll always knowthat my spirit will be close to youwherever you may go.Thank you so for loving me.You know I love you, too.That's why it's hard to say goodbyeand end this life with you.So hold me now just one more timeand let me hear you say,because you care so much for me,you'll let me go today.

Susan A. Jackson
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Back to the Future!

Really? Genius! I would be mortified to recreate my childhood photos.. but why not? Who wants to take my picture???

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Oh and In case I didn't tell you....

My Lil' Squirt is a beloved boy. I couldn't be happier!
So here it comes... the controversy.
I love this article and all the links to the facts and information. My young man will not be circumcised without his own consent. Because "It’s wrong to force an irreversible circumcision on a child when he is too young to decide for himself.” I love the statement that it is more painful when they are older.. What makes anyone think it isn't just as painful as a newborn baby? The only difference is they can't tell you about the experience. Please do share your opinion, but don't use the cleanliness excuse~ because it's just that a total BS excuse. I can speak from experience. A clean MAN is a clean man. Circumcision has nothing to do with it:)
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Your Own Little Bubble

Sometime's I feel like I am living in one, sometimes I wishI could. It happens all the time.You need somewhere to take someone special (or special enough for right now). Somewhere both beautiful and secluded, somewhere you’ll have plenty of time to... “talk.”Naturally, it’s going to involve Canada.

Welcome to Free Spirit Spheres
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My Baby Bump.

I have been MIA for sometime now because on Nov 4th because this happened
And Now

 IAmPregnant Ticker
So I am officially back in blogging, and boy I have found out ALOT of info. Stay tuned. I will be sharing in the days to come. For no I have to take care of my sick husband and cat. And oh yeah about Princess:(
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