Luggage Reinvented

When you are traveling with children, I am assuming the biggest challenge is balancing carry-ons, strollers and babies. Going through security with the stroller, unfolding, refolding and then gathering up all of your things before heading on the plane is even more of a challenge when you are traveling solo!

The creative geniuses at Catiglione Morelli designed a really interesting stroller concept with family travel in mind. This creative option includes a specialized compartment that is attached to the luggage. This accessory folds out into a child seat allowing you to pull your baby and your luggage at the same time.

The only catch with this brilliant invention – it isn’t available as of yet. No word as to when or if they are planning on officially launching the luggage, but it is a pretty cool idea nonetheless! I am patiently awaiting this product:)

Photos & Source: Yanko Design
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