What's in your Birchbox????

Do you love samples? Do you like opening presents? Do you get excited just knowing there is a package on its way in the mail (I know I do!)? Do you love high end makeup and skincare? If you answered "yes" to all those questions, then signing up for Birchbox.com just might just be right for you!

Here's the scoop:

Birchbox is a "members-only" website where you can buy specific brands of high-end cosmetics and skincare. For $10 a month you get access to the website (tips, tricks, tutorials, etc), online shopping (with *free* shipping), points accumulation from purchases that can go towards free products/or as discount (similar to the Sephora Beauty Insider points), and (best of all) a monthly package (beautifully wrapped in a pink box) with 4-5 delux (large size, not the foil package kind, but the mini-bottle type) samples. What really convinced me to sign up: On the website, you can fill out a beauty profile. This way Birchbox can match your samples to your specific coloring, interests, and skin/hair type, types of products you like to splurge on, etc. So, your samples will be "personalized". Cool! Points can be accumulated by answering surveys, purchases, and referrals (not sure exactly how this works just yet, but will let ya'll know more specifics in the future!). The custom samples plus free shipping on orders really "sold" me!

I love trying new products and testing and reviewing (lol, can ya'll tell)!!! I also think this is an interesting and fun way for anyone wanting to branch out with their beauty routine to try out some new items (and get free shipping!). Plus, who doesn't like getting a "present" in the mail every month. :)

You open the Birchbox giftbox to reveal a Birchbox card with a note about the package's theme on the front and product descriptions on the back. Cute concept! I like the idea that the boxes have a "theme"! I really hadn't realized that they organized the boxes in that manner. So, cool!!! The card is lying on top of the products that are nicely wrapped within coordinating burgundy tissue paper.

Opening the box and the tissue gives you a waft of a lovely herbal-like scent which hints of the treats inside.

Overall, I am really pleased with this month’s Birchbox!!! Especially my DDF pore serum. It is already my favorite product I have been using, but this month to welcome me I am offered 20% off my first order~ SCORE! Another great Birchbox bonus: If you test and review the products you receive in your box on Birchbox.com, you earn extra loyalty points!

If you haven't had a chance to check out Birchbox for yourself, check them out here at Birchbox.com. It's just $10 per month or $100/year to join and get your own monthly samples box (and all the other benefits of being a member). You fill out an online profile and they will tailor your Birchbox samples to your specific profile and product preferences.

I am thrilled with this month's box and can already tell that this Birchbox membership is worth it! I can't wait to use and test out these products...and can't wait to see what next month's Birchbox will bring!

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